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Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Is there any minimum opening order?
How to become a DEALER?
What PAYMENT FORMS are accepted?
What SHIPPING Companies are used?
What is the shipping cost?
Can we drop ship?
Can we do semi custom tall boot?
What is te retSurn policy?
Question 1: Is there any minimum opening order?
No, we do not require any minimum opening order; customer may order our products in any quantity. However, we offer discounts on volume orders. (Please call for volume order discount offers).
Question 2: How to become a DEALER?
It is easy to become a valued dealer of Hispar.
(a) Just fill and submit the online dealership form. We will send you automated mail with further instructions. You can log on using your unique user name and password to give more information about your business. At the completion of this 5 minutes of registration process you will be a registered dealer of Hispar.
(b) You can contact us via phone/fax/email for dealer registration package. We will send you the hard copies of dealership registration. You will fill the forms and will send them back. Our representative will contact you in case of any details and you will be assigned registration number along with unique login and password to order from us online.
Question 3: What PAYMENT FORMS are accepted?
Our preferred form of payment is either COD, prepay or Credit Cart. Additional discounts are offered to both COD and prepay customers. We do not bill customers For COD charges, means customers do not have to pay extra for receiving COD shipments.

We also offer open terms of net 15 and net 30 at a very limited basis but not during the first year of becoming Hispar dealer.

Question 4: What SHIPPING Companies are used?
We normally ship FEDEX Ground or UPS Ground. We can also ship air for rush order at customer's request.
Question 5: What is the shipping cost?
Shipping cost depends on the quantity of order and where it is being shipped. In order to save shipping cost per pair, it is always advised to order at least 12 pairs at a time. It is expensive to get one or two pairs at a time.

Question 6: Can we drop ship?
Yes! We can do drop ship at customer's request.
Question 7: Can we do semi custom tall boot?
If your customer has hard to fit leg but wears normal size foot, our Semi Custom boots are the answer. You can order semi custom boot by filling in the custom form online at hispar.com. Minimum time we require to ship custom boots is 6 to 10 weeks.

Question 8: What is the return policy?
We guarantee our quality and stand behind our product for the complete satisfaction of the customer. In an unlikely event of defective Hispar product, we'll make things right. You can return defective item for replacement or refund. You can report any defective product online by filling in the complaint form. Upon receiving your complaint we will contact you with the return authorization number, if needed.

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