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Kids back protector A4k
Your kid need protection specially when he is on traning. This armor gives ultimate protection to all the upper body including spine.
The armor is very light and feels like you have nothing on but yet it is nice and snug (This is what you want in body armor in case you crash the armor will not role off) but yet it is very comfortable. You can wear your current jacket/jersey over this armor shirt and you will be very comfortable

  • Made with lite weight honeycomb structure (high density polyethlyene padding) absorbs and disperses impact energy. This padding literlly burns up most of the impact energy before its reaches the riders.
  • Seven articulating high impact ABS plastic covers riveted to high density mesh covered polyethlyene padding. ABS plastic covers are interlinked in such a way that they allow freedom of movement while bending, but also while leaning side to side.
  • Wide elastic waist belt with velcro adjustment which makes it highly adjustable (anywhere from very skinny to pretty darn big).
  • Elasticized shoulder straps and adjustable nylon belt with velcro fastening system.
  • The shoulder straps are cleverly designed, they can be tightened or loosened when the back protector is on your body by re-positioning the straps that come under your arms. Adjustable shoulder straps and elastic waist holds the spine guard in place.
  • The pictures on a 3'.11'' male weighing 75 pounds and wearing XL size ofr kids.
    (just to give you the idea of size).

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